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OVERPAID? Aussie worker defends job that pays her $3000 a week

A traffic controller in Victoria has snapped back at trolls who say her highly-paid job is “not worth standing for 12 hours straight".

TikToker Chloe Brianna took to social media to reveal how much she made in a week and the eye watering sum left many users stunned.

“How can I have a job like this?” one person wrote.

“Where do I sign up?” asked another.

“Good on you girl,” another said. “Hard work pays off.”

Chloe Brianna at work
TikToker Chloe Brianna revealed that she made almost $3,000 in a week. Source: TikTok (TikTok)

In one of her latest clips, the young woman appears in hi-vis gear while text overlay details her weekly income for fly-in fly-out work in the state’s northeast.

While she admits that she’s on a higher rate for night shift and receives a ‘living away’ allowance, Chloe says she made almost $3,000 for just five days – or 66.25 hours – of work.

“Total – (before tax) $3,073.75,” the post reads.

“(After tax) $2,280.75.”

If she kept that up, Chloe would be taking home almost $119,000 a year.

In a breakdown of her weekly pay cheque, Chloe explained that she worked 13 hours on a Monday and received $672.44 plus $76.88 as a living away allowance.

While on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday she made $683.60 each day for a 12 hour shift.

Chloe’s video, which she titled ‘getting that bag [of money], I love my job,’ has since gone viral, racking up more than a million views.

Social media backlash

While some users were quick to gush, “I want your job ASAP”, many others pointed out some harsh realities.

“Half the time this ain’t the case,” one person wrote.

“Weeks are good and weeks are bad, or [there are] good months or bad months. I’m [in] traffic control and people need to chill out.”

Another agreed: “Not hating but every traffic controller person ain’t making that a week.”

“A lot of people forget the work is seasonal,” someone else added.

Along with the inconsistency of the work, others highlighted the lack of benefits in being a casual worker.

“How much do you make if you have a sick day? Or days without constant work?” one user wrote.

“It’s good coin for a job, but there is nothing more you can gain.”

If Chloe kept up this weekly pay cheque, she would make almost $119,000 in a year. Source: TikTok
If Chloe kept up this weekly pay cheque, she would make almost $119,000 in a year. Source: TikTok (TiKTok)

'Best job in the world'

But for Chloe, being a traffic controller is “honestly one of the best jobs in the world".

“[It] can be mentally challenging sometimes but it’s so worth it,” she wrote in a previous post.

“So much travelling and meeting new people everyday.

“Wouldn’t change it for the world.”

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