Over/Under Week 16 - Jaylen Waddle

Will the Miami WR go over/under 79.5 receiving yards in week 16?

Video transcript

MATT HARMON: All right, as promised, our final over under of the show is on Jaylen Waddle against a really tough, intimidating Saints defense on Monday Night Football. We're going to set the line here at 79 and 1/2 receiving yards. Man, that is a tight one, but I think I'm going to go slightly over here for Jaylen Waddle. The volume has been terrific his last six games. Obviously, he missed the Dolphins previous game, being on the COVID list, but in his last six games, just one time did he come in under nine targets.

The volume has been incredible. The Saints defense too, I believe this was mentioned, one of you beautiful people out there mentioned this earlier in the show. But you DeVante Parker is the guy who's probably going to draw the toughest match-up with Marshon Lattimore on the outside because he's that perimeter receiver. Jaylen Waddle used more over the middle of the field in the slot, like Chris Godwin, who obviously, tore his ACL against the Saints defense, unfortunately, last week, but did ring him up for six catches before he left. So again, not necessarily a monster game from Waddle, but I think we can get it like 80 yards here, Minty. What say you for this line here?

MINTY BETS: Well, Tua was certainly missing Waddle last week. So of course, we'll see him back in the mix today. But in terms of production, I think 80 receiving yards is a little high, so I'm going to go under. He had two big games in week 12 and 13, but the Saints can surprise us here and make up for what they lack offensively, defensively, like you said. So I'm going to go under.

MATT HARMON: Ah, alas, I knew that one was coming. That was no surprise there. But Liz, will you break the tie here for us?

LIZ LOZA: This is a really good line. I have to admit, I've gone back and forth a few times. Matt, you make a really good point about Marshon Lattimore covering DeVante Parker, but we also know Lattimore is kind of an up and down player, right? Like if he's got Mike Evans, we know what's going to happen, but does he care as much about DeVante Parker?

I'm not so sure. And also, in the six games in which Parker and Waddle were both on the field, Waddle was only able to hit 80 yards one time and that was against the Giants. So when I look at the number six ranked pass defense that the Saints have and the yardage, not catch total for Waddle, I'm going to have to say under, unfortunately.

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