WATCH: More than 40 controversial oBikes pulled from Melbourne's Yarra River

Controversy surrounding bicycle sharing scheme oBike continues to grow after more than 40 rental bikes belonging to the company were fished out of the Yarra River.

A contractor for the Singapore-based company took to Melbourne waters on Tuesday and managed to recover dozens of the bikes, with most recovered between Charles Grimes Bridge and Kings Bridge.

Dozens of oBikes were pulled out of the Yarra River. Source: 7 News

The action comes after Parks Victoria's head of waterways Lucy Nicholson had met with oBike representatives asking for the bikes to be retrieved.

“We want a safe and accessible waterway and asked them to be removed,’’ Ms Nicholson told Herald Sun.

Over 40 oBike branded bicycles were pulled out over the course of the operation, bringing further unwanted attention to the company.

The operation collected a mountain of bikes aboard a Yarra River boat. Source: oBike Australia/ Facebook

It is believed that calls to remove the bike share scheme from the city altogether will only strenghten with this latest development.

The company has previously faced a backlash after bikes were left cluttering city streets and in inappropriate places, including up trees and flung onto the road.

Contractors pulled out over 40 bikes as they struggled to fit them all on their boat. Source: 7 News

But Chethan Rangaswamy, marketing head of oBike Australia, believes it is only a matter of time until the nation begins using the bicycles in an appropriate manner.

“We are trying to raise awareness and we do believe we can change the mindset but it’s a slow process,’’ Mr Rangaswamy said.