People Are Sharing Their Most Petty, Boomer-Esque Opinions, And I Think If We All Agree To Act On These We Could Actually Improve Society Somewhat

Recently, people on Twitter were prompted by user @realgirl_fieri to share their "most boomer" complaints — AKA, complaining about societal things that have become normalized that really, truly ought not to have been. Over 12,000 people gave their opinions, and they ranged from petty to actually thought-provoking.

Although I can already smell the aggrieved comments that this post is sure to get, I have bravely elected to soldier on in the hopes that some of you also read these and think, "Thank God, some other people think this too." Please enjoy!

1. The post that started it all (or at least, funneled the conversation). Thank you for your service, @realgirl_fieri.

Twitter: @realgirl_fieri

2. Many opinions were shared on kids and their screens.

Twitter: @lilmeowmeowtxj

3. Much talk was had on the evolution of interpersonal interaction.

Twitter: @PoliSciProfJohn

4. The important thing is that it counts as a valid complaint. Put your headphones on!

Twitter: @TheHorrorHottie

5. Filming others in public needs to be publicly shamed.

Twitter: @anne_theriault

6. This, and also, no appliance should need Wi-Fi!

Twitter: @AlaskaMauve

7. Exactly.

Twitter: @will_wagner

8. We owe people kindness and decency!

Twitter: @julesandthevibe

9. I've decided to just start calling people out out loud in the theater when this happens.

Twitter: @zoesenaa

10. Bring back good gaffers and good sound design!

Twitter: @Shelly_AF

11. Now, I'm not going to call out any company in particular...

Twitter: @JKavJA

12. Don't get mad:

Twitter: @corvidcall

13. The amount of people who said this made me happy we are all on the same page.

Twitter: @squidknee73

14. If I speak...

Twitter: @itstylernicole

15. There was much complaining about streaming platform frustration.

Twitter: @not_chasebank

16. As well as discussion about owning physical media. I agree!

Twitter: @_glorianas

17. Without irony I say we all need to be kinder. (And that includes online.)

Twitter: @fubroshi

18. I should have made this #1, because I think it might be my #1 complaint 🙊.

Twitter: @goldnecklace2

19. It's honestly so bad for brain development.

Twitter: @P4DDEDJAWS

20. Our dependency on phones is wild.

Twitter: @tylrmntg

21. I'm including this as someone who has trouble being on time. Just because it's difficult doesn't mean it isn't rude!

Twitter: @takeyourzoloft

22. Paper straws feel like death. Biodegradable corn straws, on the other hand...

Twitter: @atotalposer

23. Okay, I like to edit the colors, but they do have a point...

Twitter: @Pup64HCP

24. I will not speak.

Twitter: @vancssasbeckett

25. See also: teenagers who have electric bikes and ride them in the middle of the road at 10mph.

Twitter: @prettygurl2890

26. I feel as though I cannot trust online recommendations for books at ALL anymore!

Twitter: @yoyokoolaid

27. This, and also, I hate those super bright LED headlights.

Twitter: @deepbeard

28. Exactly — I feel like cars with only touchscreens are so dangerous!

Twitter: @gloamglozergay

29. And, finally, this sobering take. 😐

Twitter: @alaskastardust

Let me know your thoughts below. If these made you mad, that's okay! But also, if you have any "boomer opinions" of your own, do tell. They make me feel so seen. 🥲