Outspoken vegan activist receives death threat on Melbourne street

Tash Peterson hurled abuse at the horse-and-carriage driver promoting a heated confrontation

Video transcript

- I hope you're not filming my child.

- Nah. I'm filming these--

- We're filming--

- --children.

- --animal slavery--

- If you do--

- --and then what it takes--

- --I'll beat you to death with your camera, all right?

- You'll what?

- Are you filming my child?

- I'm not.

- Are you filming my child?

- No.

- We're filming animal slavery and exploitation. We're not filming your children.

- I really don't care about you.

- We're filming this. Why are you--

- They look pretty--

- --so aggressive?

- --healthy to me.

- Yeah, but they're slaves. It doesn't matter how well they're kept and cared for. They're enslaved, they're modified, and they're used as vehicles.

- They're not.

- It's disgusting. You should not be supporting this.

- They're beautiful.

- Would you put yourself in their position with a bit in your mouth, forced to cart humans around all day long as a commodity and a vehicle?

- That's their job.

- It's disgusting. Yeah, but they don't consent to this job. They're forced to it, and that's why it's slavery. How can you defend it? Can you not see how sad and depressed they are? These animals should be free.

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