Outrage as unthinkable happens at 'unlimited' pizza festival

An ‘all you can eat’ pizza festival has come under fire for failing to deliver the one thing they promised.

Customers who paid $28 to enter the Notting Hill Pizza Festival in west London were left scathing after the promise of unlimited pizza fell well short.

While stuck in a slow-moving queue, social media users voiced their frustrations at having to stand in line for one hour for a single slice.

“Been here one hour, queue for 50 mins, managed to get one slice of pizza so far. Joke,” one unimpressed customer wrote on Twitter.

Customer Alex White said she was forced to line up an hour for a single slice of pizza. Source: Twitter/ATYWhite

“When we arrived at the festival we were immediately surprised by the long queues for pizza at each stall,” another added.

“The pizzas were being brought out really slowly on an ad hoc basis. It was clear that they had sold hundreds of tickets without thinking about how to cook the amount of pizza needed.

“I waited in a line for around 30 minutes for a single piece of pizza.”

However, event organisers Bellmonte Life downplayed claims that there simply weren’t enough pizzas, insisting a mechanical issue was to blame.

“Due to circumstances beyond our control, the main pizza oven broke down right at the beginning of the event,” they said in a statement on Twitter.

“Despite the best efforts of our team preparing the pizzas in the smaller ovens, the flow of pizzas was slower than intended. In contrast to claims that there were not enough pizzas, this was not the case.

“Our team was hard at work to ensure that everyone was able to sample pizzas. However, it was unfortunate that the queues grew due to some overzealous appetites, preventing others to be able to enjoy the food.”