Outrage as Sydney TikTok influencer feeds live fish to his sharks

The owner of the account said he enjoys the controversy and that it results in views. What do you think? Source: TheGyp_Aus

Video transcript

- Alrighty. So got a new idea for TikTok, just want to see what you all think about it.

All right. So this is my tank over there. Let me take you to my tank. All right, so this is the shark tank housing nine sharks. 20,000 liters. And we feed them red spot whiting at the moment.

So that's my white-tip. It's a bamboo shark.

Yeah, the new idea for TikTok-- and I want to know if people think it's cruel, or if it's actually going to be exciting. Leave your comments below.

Somebody today, their idea was that we live-feed fish. So we'll buy coral trout, and we'll put them into the tank, watch them swim around, and we'll see if they survive, or if the sharks hunt them.

Now in order to buy a coral trout, you have to leave presents or whatever you TikTokers have, and a certain amount of presents will unlock coral trout. And different animals will have different values, basically. Aright, go.

- Yeah.

- Oh.

- Look at them, they bite straight away.

- Oh, there you go.

- [INAUDIBLE]. Look at that one, he's going, he's going.

- Oh [MUTED] the flatties are dead.


- This one's going to get bitten.

- Look, he ate it.

- Look, look--