Outrage after police filmed 'ramming' motorcyclist off road

A highway police officer has been accused of intentionally ramming a motorcyclist off his bike during a memorial ride for a fallen member.

As Sonia Villalobos documented the Elite Bikerz Fallen Brother Ride through the streets of Rancho Cucamonga via a Facebook live stream, a Californian Highway Patrol (CHP) car could be seen chasing one of their bikers.

With sirens blaring, video shows the CHP officer moving closer to the motorcycle before eventually knocking him off completely.

The man hit by the patrol vehicle has since been identified by CHP as 26-year-old Raul Martinez.

The California Highway Patrol car was in close pursuit as the biker’s fellow members watched on from an adjacent red light. Source: Facebook/Sonia Villalobos

The dozens of bikers who witnessed the crash while waiting at a red light rushed to the scene to confront the officer who was already in the process of arresting Mr Martinez.

“You pushed him! You pushed him down … and I have it all on camera,” Ms Villalobos can be heard yelling at the officer.

The camera then pans to the officer’s dented car as he continues to cuff the Mr Martinez amid protests from the furious bikers.

As more fellow riders arrive at the scene, the visibly nervous officer can be seen calling for back up, while pushing others away.

The officer was confronted by dozens of Martinez’s fellow members. Source: Facebook/Sonia Villalobos

CHP officials said the officer was in pursuit of Martinez after he used the right shoulder to ride past a vehicle entering the freeway before he fled the officer at “high speed”.

“For unknown reasons, the left side of the Yamaha made contact with the right side of the patrol vehicle on 19th Street west of Carnelian Street,” CHP said in a statement.

“The impact caused the rider to be ejected to the ground.”

Mr Martinez was taken to a hospital and later booked on suspicion of felony evading, a CHP report said.

The CHP said they have assigned an investigator to look into what caused the collision between the patrol vehicle and motorcycle.