'Losing the plot': Outrage over Trump Nobel Peace Prize bombshell

Nadine Carroll
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Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by an attorney who defended the former President in his first impeachment trial.

The announcement appeared to shock many people on social media who seemed confused by the nomination given Trump’s controversial time in The White House that ended with the President accused of encouraging his supporters in a violent take over at the Capitol in January.

Kushner, Ivanka Trump’s husband and former White House senior adviser was nominated for the prestigious award for his role in negotiating four normalisation deals between Israel and Arab nations known as the “Abraham Accords”, according to Reuters.

Donald Trump (left) bonds with Jared Kushner (right)
Donald Trump's (left) former White House Senior Adviser, Jared Kushner (right) has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Source: Reuters

He was nominated - along with his former White House Deputy deputy, Avi Berkowitz - by Alan Dershowitz, who was eligible to do so in his capacity as a professor emeritus of Harvard Law School.

Past winners of the Nobel Peace Prize include Martin Luther King Jr, Nelson Mandela and former US President Barack Obama.

In a statement, Kushner said he was honoured to be nominated for the prize, which will be awarded in October.

Jared Kushner (left) with wife Ivanka Trump (right)
Jared Kushner (left) is also married to Donald Trump's daughter, Ivanka Trump (right). Source: Reuters

Twitter erupted at the announcement, with many predicting Kushner wouldn’t come close to winning.

“What would make his loss more sweet though, would be Greta Thunberg being nominated and finally receiving the award,” one person wrote.

“Jared Kushner nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize! It's the 1st of February not April,” another person commented.

One person suggested that even being nominated for the award would have a negative impact for the Nobel organisation.

“Jared Kushner and many others tarnished their legacies by supporting the former president's inciting lies and misinformation which resulted in a coup or insurrection.

“Their legacy will also tarnish the reputation of the Nobel Prize and its purpose to reward good effort and peace.”

One person said Dershowitz must be “losing the plot”.

Jared Kushner (middle) with Avi Berkowitz (left)
Jared Kushner (middle), flanked by aide Avi Berkowitz (left) have been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Source: Reuters

Another Twitter user suggested Kushner actually winning would be a huge blow to Trump after the former President’s nominations by far-right Norwegian politician Christian Tybring-Gjedde were publicly laughed at.

“As much as I think Kushner's treaties do little to solve the real underlying issues in the middle east and are just window dressing; what a hoot it would be for him to win and his Father-in-Law be rejected. How would Trump's ego manage that?”

Dershowitz seemed to address the predicted controversy in his nomination letter.

“The Nobel Peace Prize is not for popularity. Nor is it an assessment of what the international community may think of those who helped bring about peace. It is an award for fulfilling the daunting criteria set out by Alfred Nobel in his will,” he wrote.

President Joe Biden’s administration is expected to review all national security deals struck during the Trump administration, including arms packages for the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

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