Outrage over price of sauce at Sydney eatery: 'Wild'

Some claimed the price would scare off customers.

The cost of small tomato and barbecue sauce sachets sold at a Sydney eatery has outraged customers, with some claiming they should be free.

A photo shared on Reddit shows the 14g packets of Masterfoods sauce stuck to a counter alongside a sign that says: "Sauces $1."

"Inflation in the wild in Western Sydney," a caption on the photo says.

A number of people could not believe the high price of the sauces, which are usually sold with pies and sausage rolls for less than 50 cents at many canteens and bakeries.

Officeworks even sell packs of 100 14g tomato sauces for $21, meaning each packet would cost just 20 cents. Its 100-packs of barbecue sauces are sold for $31.50, bringing each small packet of sauce to about 30 cents.

Tomato and barbeque sauce sachets stuck to a counter next to a sign saying they are being sold for $1.
Many customers were shocked by the price of the 14g sauce sachets. Source: Reddit

"You can literally get a whole bottle of tomato sauce for $1.50 at Coles," one infuriated Redditor commented on the photo.

"Tell 'em they're dreaming," another wrote.

"Sauce with any purchase should be f***ing FREE! There is bugger all cost to the establishment. It is enough to make people avoid buying there just out of principle," a third added.

"Good way to scare off customers," somebody else claimed.

"This is un-Australian," another comment read.

It's not the only food item that's been seen hiking in price, with Woolworths customers shocked last week by the cost of Red Rock Deli chips.

A customer shared a photo taken at a Woolworths Metro in Melbourne's CBD on Reddit, showing 165g packets of chips were selling for a whopping $7.60.

"Stop buying them," suggested one user, "The price will either come back or they stop getting made. We don't have to support the company. These are a luxury not a necessity, remember."

A packet of Red Rock Deli chips priced at $7.60.
Chips were being sold for almost $8 at a Woolworths Metro. Source: Reddit

Another user pointed out that the effective price per kilo of $46 makes the chips more expensive than traditionally more up-market snacks, commenting, "Give me luscious jumbo tiger prawns at $32kg over these any day".

A spokesperson for Woolworths told Yahoo News flooding had caused issues with potato pricing and availability, however the supermarket has refrained from limiting individual customers.

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