Outrage over family's 'disgusting' act in restaurant

People were outrages after a family left behind a “dreadful” mess at their table at a restaurant.

A photo of the messy table with napkins littered on the floor and food strewn across it was shared on Facebook from a Harvester restaurant in Colchester, northeast of London.

Harvester is a family restaurant chain which serves “farmhouse style” food.

The photo was shared by the Spotted: Colchester Facebook page.

People are disgusted by this mess apparently left behind by a family eating at a Harvester restaurant in Colchester. Source: Facebook/ Spotted: Colchester

“I don’t care who you are, how often you get to go out to eat, how many kids you’ve got or how bad your day has been,” it wrote. 

“It is not OK to go out to dinner and walk away from your table - leaving it in a state like this for somebody else to clear up.”

It added a “poor young girl” was left to clean “the disgusting mess”.

On Facebook, people were appalled by the “unforgivable” mess.

“I've seen this kind of thing before it's dreadful. No consideration for anyone,” one woman wrote.

Another woman called it a “massive lack of respect”.

“How anyone could leave this mess is beyond me,” another woman wrote. 

“My children make a mess while eating like most do, but me and my partner always clean up to our best ability before leaving.”

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