'I would have sat on him': Passengers outraged over commuter's peak hour train behaviour

A photo of a very comfortable passenger on public transport has gone viral for all the wrong reasons.

The photo was posted on Reddit on Tuesday morning and captioned “Zero f***s given on a peak hour service”.

The image showed a packed Sydney train with a very entitled passenger laying across all three seats, displaying little to no interest in what other people thought.

According to the person that posted the photo, the train was a peak hour service and passengers could be seen standing directly next to the man in the photo.

None of this seemed to bother the sleeping commuter who blatantly flouted the rules of public transport, and human decency according to most responses.

The passenger didn't seem to mind that others were standing in the crowded train while he stretched out over three seats. Source: MyEvolvingEye

“The lack of basic common courtesy for anyone gives me so much anxiety, I have no idea how people like this function,” an annoyed Reddit user responded.

Several other people also said they would have have simply taken matters into their own hands.

“I would have sat on him,” one wrote.

Others questioned whether anyone had bothered trying to wake the man and ask him to move.

While one person suggested there may be more to the story of the comfy commuter.

“More likely this dude is homeless and wanted a warm place to sleep,” they suggested.

“Maybe the train was empty when he fell asleep? Doesn’t mean he was being a jerk,” a person asked.

Whatever the reason for the morning snooze, Transport NSW states the fine for placing your feet on seats is $100, with more serious offenders facing a $1,100 fine.

Another photo snapped on a Sydney train recently, which appears to show a Sydney trains staffer with his feet up on a seat, shows that even workers don’t always follow the rules.

Sometimes even employees like to flout the rules of public transport. Source: Supplied/Nadine Carroll

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