Outrage after high school boys share list ranking female classmates by looks

A female student has called out her school for its “boys will be boys” attitude to the level of punishment of a group of boys found to have circulated a list ranking female classmates based on their looks.

The group of 50 boys have reportedly been disciplined after it was discovered they targeted 18 senior girls by creating a list with their first names and a rating beside each, then sharing it on social media for the past year, according to school officials.

The incident has “upset” other students, staff and families, said Donna Jones, principal of Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School, in Maryland, US, according to Washington DC news station NBC4.

Students at Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School were caught circulating a list of female classmates, ranked by their looks. Source: Google

In a letter sent to parents and students on March 9, she wrote “B-CC High School has no tolerance for bullying. Our school strives to create a sense of belonging and respect for all students. This incident does not reflect those values.”

Jones did not immediately respond to Yahoo Lifestyle’s requests for comment.

“I think, honestly, the consensus was that it wasn’t an OK thing at all, and all the girls, they kind of banded together and took it on as a team because it was really hurtful to a lot of people,” a female student told NBC4.

Female student calls out school for ‘boys will be boys’ attitude

Although Ms Jones said the students were disciplined based on the school system’s code of conduct, some students believe more should have been done.

“I don’t think [the administration] handled it well at all,” senior Jane Corcoran, whose name was on the list, told Bethesda Magazine.

“Basically, what admin did, in my honest opinion, by dismissing it and not giving the boys a strong punishment, is saying, ‘Boys will be boys and that’s OK. We can’t get them in trouble for something immature guys do.’ ”

According to the student, a group of 50 boys circulated the list for a year before a female student saw it open on a laptop in class two weeks ago.

A group of 50 boys had reportedly been circulating the list on social media, ranking female classmates by their appearance, for a year until they were caught. Source: Getty, file

Female students told the news outlet that one male student was the “ringleader,” and he received a brief in-school suspension, whereas the rest of the boys were not punished.

Jane said a meeting was organised for the girls involved to share their feelings while the boys “sat and listened.” She added, it “wasn’t good enough.”

“It was like seeing everything you are insecure about brought to you by someone else.

“Putting a number on a girl like this is the same as any other slur — a homophobic or racial slur. It’s a way to degrade women,” she said.

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