Outrage over fitness studio's 'disgraceful' act on top of Uluru

A Gold Coast fitness studio has sparked outrage after posting a suggestive dance video taken at a sacred Australian site.

The video, posted by Werkit Twerk Dance Fitness, shows a woman ‘twerk’ dancing while visiting the culturally significant Indigenous site, Uluru.

“Repping #WERKIT on top of one of Australia’s most iconic landmarks,” the fitness studio wrote next to the video.

Werkit Twerk Dance Fitness sparked outrage with a video of a member twerking. Source: Instagram

Twerking is a suggestive dance which involves moving ones’ buttocks up and down in a rhythmic manner.

The video shows the woman bouncing her behind, while standing on top of Uluru. She is wearing a singlet that says ‘twerking is my cardio’.

The fitness studio was slammed for video of woman twerking on top of Uluru. Source: Getty/file

The studio has deleted the controversial post after it sparked outrage on social media.

“Utterly disgraceful. Not only is Uluru a sacred site but not every person wants to see you people shaking your a****,” one Instagram user posted. 

A Werkit twerk troupe in formation. Source: Instagram/Werkit twerk fitness

“Uluru is an incredibly sacred and culturally significant site for the Indigenous community and is something that should be respected. You have disrespected the traditional owners of the land,” another wrote.

Other social media users called for the studio to apologise.

“How dare you be so disrespectful? And never even issue an apology?” an Instagram user wrote.

Another said: “I think you owe the Indigenous people and tourists an apology.”

The company has since removed the video from social media.

Yahoo7 has reached out to Werkit Twerk Dance Fitness for comment.