Outrage over 'disgusting' photo of flight attendants

A photo of flight attendants appearing to sleep on an office floor has caused a stir online.

Jim Atkinson shared a picture of a Ryanair 737 crew based in Portugal on Twitter.

Mr Atkinson said the flight attendants were forced to sleep on the floor of the Ryanair crew room in Malaga, Spain, after being stranded due to storms.

He tweeted the photo to chief operations officer Peter Bellew.

“RYR is earning €1.25 billion (A$2b) this year but will not put stranded crews in a hotel for the night. @peterbellew?” he tweeted.

Mr Bellew responded saying “unfortunately” all the hotels in Malaga were booked out.

“The storm created huge damage in Portugal,” he tweeted.

“Later after this the crew moved to VIP lounge. Apologies to the crew we could not find accommodation.”

Mr Atkinson wrote “the pilots aren’t buying it” and included a text message purportedly from a pilot in disbelief over a lack of hotels.

Fernando Gandra, a representative for SITCPLA – the Portugese airline workers union – told News Corp it was a bank holiday in Spain and while hotels around the airport and the city may have been full it would have been possiblw to find accommodation elsewhere.

The picture has been retweeted more than 1700 times with many angered by the purported conditions the cabin crew had been subjected to. 

“Surely a crew resting in these conditions cannot be classed as rested within legal parameters to fly and be cabin safety?” one man wrote.  

“What are you doing @Ryanair? As Union Rep for truckers I would not recommend a member drive a truck knowing they had rested like this! This is disgusting.”

Some have slammed Ryanair over the purported treatment of the flight attendants. Source: Getty Images (File pic)

However, one man wrote the picture needed to be looked at “closely”, noting the crew’s faces were all covered.

“The woman at the front looks like she is smirking,” he tweeted.

“They are lined up in a way their identities are kept anonymous. It’s staged at best.” 

Mr Atkinson claimed the people pictured did it as a protest to show they had nowhere to stay between 1am until 6am. 

“They wanted to communicate to the world that Ryanair provides no bed to stranded overnight crews,” he tweeted.