Outrage over brazen Westfield car park standoff - so, who's in the wrong?

A defiant mother who stood in a car park for more than 15 minutes alongside her son in a bid to secure the place has created debate as to whether her tactics were fair play.

The commotion unfolded in the Westfield carpark at St Lukes Mall in Auckland when a family attempted to make their way into the park.

They were greeted by the flat-footed mother and young child who made it very apparent they wouldn’t be moving anytime soon.

“Can you please move as this is a public car park and I would like to park my family’s vehicle here,” the driver can be heard saying.

“You are obstructing my peace,” he added, before sounding his horn for more than 20 seconds.

The mother and son stood their ground, refusing to give up the space. Image:Facebook/Mr Bro Hub

The footage, captured from inside the car, saw a social media debate erupt, with some users criticising the mother for putting her son through such a confrontational exchange.

“Poor child… I feel sorry for her son,” one woman wrote

“Bloody awful to see and she had her child with her to witness her behaviour,” another said.

“Since when has that ever been an option to just stand in a park,” one man asked.

One woman did however come to the mother’s defence, saying she deserved the space.

“The guy saw the lady was standing there most likely waiting for someone to come and park there. He should have looked somewhere else,” she wrote.

Earlier this year, this woman made headlines around the world after she was filmed “camping” in a parking space. Image: YouTube/Nicholas Chew

The aggressive exchange reportedly came to an end when the couple inside the car conceded and found another park.

It’s not the first time the brazen carparking tactics have been spotted. Earlier this year, a woman in the US was filmed running into the park, waving her arms, saying “I was here first”.

The footage was viewed more than 100,000 times, once again with the large majority of viewers slamming the “camping” tactics.