'Peak hipster': Melbourne cafe serves $17 DIY 'deconstructed' avocado on toast

A $17 do-it-yourself avocado on toast being served in a Melbourne cafe has many people on social media wondering if we have reached "peak hipster" in the foodie world.

A Reddit user, Rupert_Bear007, posted a picture of a friend's breakfast at Kitty Burns cafe in trendy Abbotsford showing a "deconstructed" breakfast board that includes half an avocado, edamame smash, two slices of sourdough and a poached egg.

'Deconstructed' avocado on toast. Photo: Reddit

But instead of arriving ready to eat, diners have to put it together themselves.

The board even includes a stack of salt and pepper and a lime in the middle as a garnish.

The cafe's owner said the dish, called Spiced Togarashi Avocado, is the cafe's biggest seller.

The base price of the breakfast is $14 without the poached egg but customers can add "bacon crumbs" for $2 or "house-cured seared salmon" for an extra $7.

The $17 breakfast board is the café's biggest seller. Photo: Reddit

Reddit erupted in outrage over the bizarre breakfast and said that deconstructing something was just evidence "you can't cook".

Deconstructed meals and beverages are all the rage in the food scene at the moment, especially in Melbourne.

Deconstructed coffee has become increasingly popular, with customers served up separate beakers with coffee, water and milk.

An example of 'deconstructed coffee'. Photo: Instagram

In another instance a sausage sandwich was served with the mustard, tomato and BBQ sauce in wooden spoons on the side of a board with a plain white slice of bread.

A media furore recently erupted when luxury property developer Tim Gurner chastised young people for spending too much money on expensive breakfasts and coffee.

"When I was trying to buy my first home, I wasn’t buying smashed avocado for $19 and four coffees at $4 each,” he said.

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