Outrage after tradies drop equipment in Woolworths disabled spot

Tradesmen who dumped equipment in the only disabled bay in a Woolworths carpark have sparked outrage after they restricted a mum from using the space while shopping with her son.

A skip bin, two pallets stacked with materials and several large bags were spotted across the disability parking space at the retailer’s Rose Bay store, in Sydney’s east.

An angered mum took to a Disability Parking Wall of Shame page on Facebook in search of advice on Thursday, asking how she could go about making the vital bay available again.

“What recourse is there when workmen park skips, resources and equipment across disability parking?,” she wrote.

“These are private contractors employed by Woolworths.”

A skip bin, two pallets of materials and large bags were spotted fenced off across the parking space. Source: Facebook

Some encouraged her to contact the local council, claiming it was a legal requirement to have a disabled bay available to shoppers.

“Ring council and report it to a Woolworths manager, and find out who's in protection of the parking area,” one person wrote in a comment.

An Accessible Parking Australia employee explained there were hefty fines in place if a company was found to not be in compliance with required standards.

“If the total number of disability parking bays falls below the minimum number required by the Building Code of Australia because of removal of the DPB from service without replacement, then the property owner is in breach of their Planning Permit,” he wrote.

“Maximum penalty for breaching their Planning Permit in NSW is $5,000,000.”

He also encouraged the woman to make her concerns known to the council.

Rose Bay Woolworths Metro store shown as tradesmen dump equipment in its only disabled parking space. Source: Simon Watson/Google Maps

The mum told Yahoo News Australia she uses the spot when shopping with her disabled son.

A Woolworths spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia that since being made aware of the issue, it was working to have the materials moved from the disabled parking space.

“We apologise to any of our customers who may have been inconvenienced by the temporary closure of the disabled parking bay in our Rose Bay Metro car-park this morning,” the spokesperson said.

“As a result of in-store refurbishments, excess materials were inadvertently stored in the parking bay by the building contractor.

“Since becoming aware of this issue we have contacted the building site team who are removing the items as a priority.”

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