Fans not impressed by Ashy Bines' excuse for parking in disabled spot

Gold Coast fitness celebrity Ashy Bines was caught out by fans this week for parking in a disabled spot outside of her gym, one she says she has parked in more than once.

Fans haven't been shy in expressing their outrage at the star's response to a video she uploaded herself showing her Range Rover parked in a disabled car park outside her gym located on the Gold Coast Highway.

The video in question was a vlog called "Ashy Bines Vlog Father's Day, Shez Comes To Play, Thai Orgy" and was uploaded to her YouTube channel.

Bines was criticised after she parked in a disabled parking spot. Source: Instagram

Bines copped criticism after a scene in the video showed her pulling into a disabled parking spot directly out the front of her gym, Ashy Bines Transformation Centre.

She said in a Snapchat post she had to take the video down due to "sound issues" but added it would be re-uploaded.

It was uploaded the next day with the offending scene missing.

Bines drew much criticism from her fans that she could no longer ignore, choosing finally to address the issue in a Snapchat post.

However, that post was soon deleted before Bines offered an apology.

"When no one’s used that car park for three years and we have no members with any disabilities, then I do use that car park sometimes,” she said.

This photo was taken of a Range Rover, said to belong to Bines, in a disabled parking spot. Source: Facebook

“They are there 24/7 … yeah, sometimes I do use it.

“I know that it does look bad in some way but I hope you guys can hear my side of the story.

“Sometimes I do use it and I do apologise if I have offended anyone, but I wanted my loyal followers to see my side. There’s always that 5 per cent to comment, judge criticise and jump down my throat at everything.”

A spokesperson for Bines said she is "the first to acknowledge when she has made a mistake".

"She is human, however truly remorseful for her actions. Ashy takes full responsibility and assures it will not happen again."

Many were quick to criticise her excuse, some claiming not "all disabilities can be seen".

captionBines admitted she parks there regularly. Source: Instagram

Some even pointed out the fact her gym is located next to a physiotherapy practice.

Jessica Semlitzky said she used to be a fan of the fitness guru but unfollowed after she volunteered for her Sydney Booty Tour event last year when she wasn't given a "thank you" for the two days of work she put in.

She said she thinks Bines' excuse for parking in the disabled parking space was "pathetic".

Ms Bines has previously been criticised for her controversial business practices. Source: Instagram

"She could have addressed the issue, instead she tried to dodge it," she told 7 News Online.

Ms Semlitzky said she was "surprised" that she addressed it but labelled it "cowardly".

"You can't justify parking illegally in a disabled parking spot. She isn't any different or superior [to anyone else]. She knows road rules and it's upsetting that she isn't following them."

Ms Bines said she has received a lot of

A photo was also posted on Facebook of a Range Rover, believed to belong to Ms Bines, parked in the same disabled spot shown in her video at her gym at Mermaid Beach shopping centre.

Bines was on Snapchat on Wednesday morning again addressing the issue, and said people have messaged her hoping "the headline news is that I have been hit by a bus or my head has been smashed in by a gold club … they also involve my son or hoping something happens to him. It’s gone too far."

It's the second time in a week the controversial business woman has made headlines after her husband Steven Evans posted a photo on his Facebook page of what appeared to be a dead dog on the beach.

The post was captioned: “What do you do when a dead dog ends up on your beach A) bury it B) leave it C) put in water and let someone else deal with it or hope sharks get it.”