Driver slammed over 'very stupid' act on safety ramp

Josh Dutton
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A driver has been criticised for incorrectly using a safety ramp.

Police found a white Mitsubishi Mirage parked on a safety ramp at the bottom of Mount Ousley Road, Wollongong, south of Sydney, on April 10.

“Police attempted to locate the driver as they were concerned for their welfare, but they weren't with their vehicle,” police said.

“A canvass of the area located the driver in the nearby bushland walking their dog, and that they had deliberately parked their vehicle in the middle of the safety ramp to do so.

“The driver said they did not see any signs indicating that they could not park there. The driver was directed to immediately move the vehicle, and will be issued with an infringement notice.”

A white Mitsubishi Mirage pictured parked on a safety ramp at the bottom of Mount Ousley Road, Wollongong.
The driver of this car misused a safety ramp and copped a fine. Source: NSW Traffic and Highway Patrol

According to the NSW road rules legislation, safety ramps can only be used if “it is necessary for the driver to do so in the interests of safety” or “the driver is permitted to do so under another law of this jurisdiction”.

In this case, the ramp should only be used for emergencies.

NSW Police cited an example of its most recent use after a truck crash on March 28.

“Fortunately the driver involved in this collision was able to utilise the safety ramp,” police said.

On Facebook, people called the driver’s actions “embarrassing”.

“I remember years ago seeing people having a picnic on a safety ramp. Very stupid,” one man wrote.

Another man wrote it showed a “complete lack of common sense”.

“People continue to amaze me,” one woman said.

In NSW, stopping in or near a safety zone will see a driver whacked with three demerit points and a $194 fine. 

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