Outbreak Analytics Gains Traction as Efforts to Tackle Coronavirus Escalates Globally | Quantzig’s Recent Article Explains Why

Quantzig, a global data analytics and advisory firm, that delivers actionable analytics solutions to resolve complex business problems has announced the completion of its latest article that lists three ways of leveraging outbreak analytics to predict the spread of outbreaks.

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Despite advancements in healthcare services, government bodies and healthcare organizations globally are facing challenges in containing the spread of contagious diseases. A practical approach to such outbreaks depends on prompt intervention, and such interventions can be easily formed by leveraging data analytics in the healthcare industry. The analysis of healthcare data is becoming complex due to the diversity of data.

According to Quantzig’s healthcare data modeling experts, "The healthcare industry is now investing in outbreak analytics to curate quantifiable analysis reports that can be leveraged to stop the spread of COVID-19."

Three Ways to Leverage Outbreak Analytics

Recent advancements in data analytics in the healthcare industry have given rise to outbreak analytics. Outbreak analysis and modeling mostly focus on the collection and interpretation of outbreak response data. To tackle the current challenges facing them, the healthcare industry is betting big on outbreak analytics to curate quantifiable analysis reports to predict the future spread of communicable diseases. Here are three ways to leverage outbreak analytics to stop the spread of outbreaks:

  1. Leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence to identify outbreaks and forecast its spread: When unknown contagious diseases spread from one human to another, time becomes the most precious resource. The quicker the outbreak is identified and detected, the sooner the action can be taken to stop the outbreak. Machine learning and artificial intelligence can help in identifying the outbreaks and predicting the impact.
  2. Collate data from various sources and standardize it to a global level: During outbreaks, it is a compulsion to collect data from as many sources as possible and standardize it to a worldwide level. Standardizing data to a global level helps in improving innovation capability for healthcare researchers.
  3. Link clinical, travel, and lifestyle data to gain detailed insights on the outbreak: Data analytics in the healthcare industry is helping researchers and healthcare organizations to analyze data patterns. Such data patterns can be identified by linking various datasets. Hence linking clinical, travel and lifestyle data can result in forecasting the outbreak condition.

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