Orca Gets Up Close and Personal with Newborn Baby — See the Video

In a viral video, a killer whale in an enclosure can be seen peering through the glass as a dad holds up his newborn for it to see

<p>Getty</p> A family looks at a captive killer whale


A family looks at a captive killer whale

Orcas get baby fever too!

Earlier this month, a couple on social media went viral after they captured an intimate moment between their daughter and an orca in an enclosure.

In the short clip posted on TikTok, the newborn baby girl’s mom can be heard behind the camera, while her dad holds her up to the glass along the side of the pool at the unnamed orca exhibit. The killer whale curiously gets up close and personal with the baby, peering through the glass to study her.

“Oh my gosh, that is the coolest thing ever!” the baby’s mom can be heard saying behind the camera.

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After looking at the girl for a few moments, the orca pulls away to swim up to the surface of the pool, taking a deep breath before letting some air out from its blowhole. It then comes back to the glass to take another look at the newborn.

Amazed at the encounter and the whale’s curiosity, the baby’s dad can be heard saying, “He got some air and then came back down. Did you see that?”

“That is so funny!” the mom says as the clip ends.

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The practice of keeping whales like the orca in this clip is slowly coming to an end — meaning encounters like this may not happen forever. In 2016, the now-infamous Orlando park SeaWorld announced that it would be ending its orca breeding program and that the current group of killer whales would be the last in their pools.

Governments have also gotten involved in this issue. In 2019, Canada outright banned the practice of keeping both whales and dolphins in captivity.

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Meanwhile, orcas aren’t the only creatures who have had the chance to meet a human baby up close. In another viral video out of the Louisville Zoo, a female orangutan was seen asking parents to hold up their baby to the glass so she could take a look.

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In the video that circulated in May 2023, 35-year-old Amber could be seen gesturing toward a 3-month-old baby through her exhibit’s glass, seemingly asking the parents if she could see the infant.

In the clip, Amber touches the glass to take a closer look and appears to give the child a sweet smile as she gazes at them. The moment had an impact on everyone in the room, as bystanders could be heard "aww"-ing in the background.

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