This optical illusion will make you do a double take

An innocent image of a motorbike has gone viral on Reddit for a bizarre reason.

What do you see when you look at the photo below?

What do you see here? Photo: Reddit

At first glance, many see two people; a woman straddling the bike with her head resting on the handlebars, and a man sitting behind her.

But take a closer look.There’s actually only one person in the image, and he’s lounging back with one leg on the ground, and the other bent up on the seat.

That woman you thought you saw, is actually just his legs.

Crazy, isn’t it.

If you’re into optical illusions, you’ll also like this one.

It seems like a man lying legs spread and stark naked, but that’s not the case…

This looks like a naked man with his legs spread, but it’s actually much more innocent. Photo: Imgur

Or what about this photo of a woman that also went viral for a rude reason.

This one went viral for a rude reason, can you see it?

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