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People Have A Lottt Of Thoughts On Oprah And Dwayne Johnson's Maui Wildfire Fund — Here's Why

I'm sure you have heard about the devastating fires in Maui recently.

burned down buildings
Xinhua News Agency / Xinhua News Agency via Getty Images

According to AP News, over 115 people have died from the wildfire — which is one of the deadliest in the history of the US. It's also left over 100 residents missing and displaced 6,000.

burned buildings and a burned out car
Robert Gauthier / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

To help with disaster relief, Oprah and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson have joined forces to help those in need affected by the disaster.

dwayne and oprah on stage talking
Paras Griffin / Getty Images for Oprah

In a joint post on Instagram, the two announced the creation of the People’s Fund of Maui, "a fund putting money directly in the pockets of those who were affected by the recent wildfires."

the two speaking into the camera about the fund
@oprah / Via

Both celebrities have long ties to the island.

a beach on the island
Gado / Gado via Getty Images

Oprah has lived in Maui "part-time for more than 15 years" and owns more than 2,000 acres of land. Reportedly, 870 of those acres were just purchased earlier this year.

oprah holding hands with locals

When the fires started, Oprah was met with backlash, with people demanding she give the land back, due to the complicated dynamics of wealthy individuals coming to the islands to purchase land and pricing out locals.

The Washington Post / The Washington Post via Getty Images

The Rock, for his part, grew up in Hawaii, has referred to the islands as "home," and is half Samoan.

a closeup of The Rock on the red carpet in a satin tuxedo
Kevin Mazur / Getty Images

Well, despite their intentions, their video wasn't exactly met with a positive response. Critics have called out Oprah's land ownership and the irony of two very wealthy celebrities asking for donations.

  @oprah / Via
@oprah / Via
crazy how they are billionaires and they're telling us to donate and they own 1000s of acres on the island
@oprah / Via
you are two of the richest fucking people on the planet why don't you guys just front the bill
@oprah / Via
we the people are sick of the hollywood elite
@oprah / Via
math ain't mathing with this one you guys literally have so much money you can donate it and make it back within a year
@oprah / Via

Some are even in disbelief of where the money is going:

i want to hear from the mouths of the actual hawaiins that are actually receiving money to believe this
@oprah / Via

According to the caption on the post, Oprah and The Rock kickstarted the fund with a donation of "$10 million."

the two speaking into the camera
@oprah / Via

The comments weren't all bad, though — they were also met with support and defense.

trolls, all of y'all spouting nonsense
@oprah / Via

You can check out the full message, below.