1. The Juggling Act: So, this is 40

    Today I leave my 30s behind, and officially notch up four decades on the planet.

  2. The Juggling Act: Celebrate the skin you’re in

    I couldn’t stop myself from swiveling around to watch her disappear into the crowd on a busy Brisbane street.

  3. The Juggling Act: Out of the Shadows

    Sure there are moments like the nappy ads, but mostly having a baby is pure hard work.

  4. The Juggling Act: TAKING A GOOD HARD LOOK

    There is something wrong with our society. There seems to be a growing divide between two distinct groups of people.

  5. The Juggling Act: Childhood Ailments

    Between the two of them, my kids have been avid collectors of ailments, conditions and diseases over the course of their lives.

  6. The Juggling Act: A letter to cancer

    It is only because of the conventions of letter writing that I refer to you as dear, for you are not at all dear to me, and never will be.

  7. The Juggling Act – Screen Demons

    A family I know recently underwent a self-imposed `technology’ blackout for a week.

  8. The Juggling Act - The things that are left unsaid

    There are several pearls of wisdom I would like to share with my son and daughter before they hit their teenage years and suddenly 'know it all'.

  9. The Juggling Act: Gold Does Not a Champion Make

    The Olympics are over and Australia didn’t have the gold rush many hoped for. But, the silver cabinet is gleaming.

  10. The Juggling Act: The apparent hilarity of nose picking, breaking wind and other gross stuff.

    If the thought of bodily functions displeases you, or makes your stomach churn, then this is not for you.

  11. THE JUGGLING ACT – The fence

    I’ve just fertilized the back garden with little pellets of blood and bone. It’s supposedly organic.
    Apparently it’s tasty too, if the actions of the neighbour’s dogs account for anything.