Barack Obama's victory speech was ending with an explosion of ticker tape at the precise moment we went live for the evening news in Sydney.

Mitt Romney's Nevada campaign headquarters doesn't look like much when you first approach it. Nestled in a strip mall just outside Las Vegas, it shares a building with the local Senate hopeful and the local chicken wings place, I drove straight past it on the first attempt and had to turn back. But what they lack in grandeur round here they more than make up for with enthusiasm.

Of course we all know the legendary words that WERE spoken by Neil Armstrong when he first walked on the moon (notwithstanding some minor historical debate about “step for man” versus “step for A man' ...there was radio interference... don’t ask!) But there’s an awesome story about the words he apparently muttered under his breath as he LEFT the Lunar Surface.

Apparently humbled and sobered by the sheer gravity of the epic political fight facing him over the coming weeks and months, Barack Obama has been concentrating on the important stuff. He took to the airwaves in New Mexico to reveal details of his passion for a bit of Beyonce on the I-pod when he needs to get his heart rate going.

As a 'whingeing Pom' you might expect me to start with a complaint about the weather perhaps, or Mark Cavendish, or the fact I lived in London when they held the games in Sydney and now live in Sydney while they're holding the games in London, but no. I'm writing to offer praise. Last week’s Olympic opening ceremony might be the best thing I've ever seen on a screen.

There's some amazing Olympics related facts and figures flying about as we thrust toward the opening ceremony. Four billion TV viewers, 20 thousand journalists, 10 thousand athletes …. five thousand cups of pee – just some of the numbers spruiked by the AOC on their website this week. Of course when you imagine all those journalists lined up next to each other it forms a really distasteful image. However they do have an important role to play.

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