Satisfying the needs of 30-plus media representatives, all with different demands and agendas, is no easy task.

The days are slipping by fast. Each one blends in to the other, and it's difficult to recall what happened over the previous 24 hours.

"The Big Bird" sits on the tarmac, a C-17 Globemaster. I guess it's fitting that an Air Force cargo plane is going to carry us around the electoral battlefield. After two days on the road following Tony Abbott through commercial flights, we're now on the official campaign plane. About 30 journalists, cameramen and photographers are in the group. Some are veterans, most are not. The new generation media members all have smartphone cameras at the ready, tweeting and photographing almost every moment, including the safety briefing.

The alarm sounds at 4:30am. It's go time. A quick check that I've packed everything, then I'm off to the airport. First stop is Brisbane. Tony Abbott is spending his first day campaigning in Ipswich, but the location is kept a secret until after we land. The major parties are paranoid that their events will be marred by protesters or sabotaged by their opponents if word gets out too early.

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