Dear Cancer,

It is only because of the conventions of letter writing that I refer to you as dear, for you are not at all dear to me, and never will be.

I write to inform you that no matter the pain you inflict, the hearts you break, or the loved ones you take… you will never win.

You certainly have been busy in my neck of the woods of late.

A few years back, you took aim at a number of my friends at the ABC – all of them young women, in their prime. You’ve claimed my grandfather and my two dogs.

This year, you have been particularly brutal with the loved ones of relatives, friends and colleagues - the father of a toddler, a bride-to-be, an adored grandfather, a little sister with the world at her feet, and a 6 year old princess.

If that wasn’t enough, in the past few months, you have ramped up your efforts even further.

In just the last six days, I have discovered that your tendrils have snared another five people in my circle or connected to my circle.

The youngest is just 30 – a super-fit mum of three young children. The oldest is a hard working grand-dad in his early 60s.

The others are aged in their 30s and 40s - all with far too much contribution still to give, to leave this world just yet.

For at least two of these people, you have arrived in tough times – when they are least able to deal with another blow.

Yeah, you sure know how to kick someone when they’re down. But that’s just you isn’t it cancer – a bully through and through.

Tears have been shed. Buckets of them. But that’s not from fear of you cancer, but of love for our friends and family who must now endure a painful journey.

I just wanted to let you know that your bully-boy tactics don’t make you powerful, they just make you despised.

Last week, we had dinner with old friends.

Our hostess told us how during Winter, her brother-in-law had been diagnosed with cancer, then weeks later her father was delivered a double whammy – prostate and bone cancer.

She was wistful yes, but she was also upbeat.

She even joked about you cancer. You see, given the choice of laughing or crying – she chose to laugh.

Rather than be defeated by you cancer, these people have banded together to fight.

There are dark days, plenty of them. But this family has become stronger. They love harder, cherish the little stuff, and choose to remain optimistic.

They’re not the only ones.

A little girl named Miette with a bleak prognosis, went on a campaign to collect positive thoughts.

She’s been inundated with mail and emails from across the world.

Then there’s Sophie – the young mum of three. Her cancer news arrived last week, but already there are two major events planned to raise money to support her.

She had touched so many – `paid it forward’ with acts of kindness in so many ways, that the entire community is pitching in to offer support.

One little boy is even raising money by washing cars.

And then, just yesterday morning, another friend announced his diagnosis on Facebook.

But if the outpouring of love, support and positive thinking for him is anything to go by… then cancer, you don’t stand a bloody chance.


To support Sophie (mentioned above) there will be a family fun day:
Sunday, 11 November 2012
MacQuarie Way Park

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