No more sand in face of Dockers
No more sand in face of Dockers

Stop the bulldozers, put away the cranes and redo the plans. Maybe there is still plenty of sporting life left in the WACA Ground just yet.

The State’s cricket authorities are well advanced in their attempt to downsize the WA home of the game into a boutique arena surrounded by apartments and office space.

But could the change in the position of a footbridge have suddenly given the WACA Ground renewed hope of having a purpose outside a handful of summer days each year?

Once football vacates Patersons Stadium West Coast could be looking for more than just a home ground for matchdays. There is no doubt the old Subiaco Oval won’t be able to survive in its present form so the Eagles might not be able to afford to retain their training and administrative base.

The current digs will be in need of a spruce up in six years anyway.

There won’t be any room at the new stadium to accommodate a football franchise. However, there is an opportunity nearby that could turn attending an Eagles’ match in Perth into a new and exciting experience.

The proposed pedestrian bridge from the new Burswood stadium is now expected to link the ground to an area near Gloucester Park.

It would be an easy and potentially noisy pilgrimage for Eagles fans to go to and from Col’s Bowl via a new supporters set-up at the WACA Ground. West Coast have regularly lamented the lack of function rooms at their disposal at Patersons Stadium. Having those facilities in inner city East Perth would be a boost not only on game day but also during the week.

And even if the capacity of the cricket ground is reduced it would still be sufficient to house the Eagles’ training facilities.

Football hasn’t been at the WACA Ground since 2000.

Maybe there is a chance for a comeback.

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