Begrudgingly agreeing with Boris
Begrudgingly agreeing with Boris

London mayor Boris Johnson is quite unequivocal about it.

The London Games, the 30th Olympiad, has been the best of all time.

After three weeks in the Games city, there is nobody who says these Olympics didn’t live up to the hype.

But the best?

I’ve been lucky enough to cover six Olympics and I can tell you the one I didn’t enjoy much at all – Atlanta in 1996.

It’s a very subjective decision because no matter what how you look at it, the Games comes down to the athletes, and under that criteria, one Olympics is much like another.

You get to see the best athletes on the planet compete under the greatest pressure of all.

It comes down to the fringe benefits. The city, the organisation, the food, the ease of getting around, the crowd’s reaction... the whole shebang.

What made London so great was that the media weren’t quarantined away in a village, in their own little bubble out of town.

When we walked out of our hotel to head towards St Pancras Station to take the Javelin, we were off to do our job, sharing the footpath with Londoners also setting out for work.

Unlike Beijing, we became part of the city, albeit briefly.

Barcelona was much the same, and Athens similar as well.

Make no mistake, Sydney was magnificent and set a benchmark for Games to follow but I’d begrudgingly agree with Boris if I had to judge.

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