Unhappy Hawks under new ownership
Unhappy Hawks under new ownership

West Coast aren't filling their fans with premiership hopes right now.

The club has fallen back considerably in the past five weeks.

Saturday's loss wasn't horrific but it increases the pressure on a top four finish.

And without that, the Eagles could find themselves just making up the numbers come September.

But it would be wrong to become too despondent.

Regardless of what happens in the run home, John Worsfold has found a few players this season. You might argue he had to but it doesn't always work out that way.

As often as not, blooding young players can highlight one thing very quickly and that's that some aren't as good as you'd hoped.

The Eagles haven't run into that problem too often this season!

Excuse me if you've heard me say this before but whoever coined the phrase "a team is only as strong as its reserves" was obviously a reserve.

Over the long haul every club needs most of its best players playing.

In the face of a VIP injury list, several lesser lights have given admirable service to the Eagles but it's starting to look as if the same guys are becoming a little too comfortable.

Competition for spots is paramount to winning a premiership but when second-stringers become regulars the pressure from below tends to be diluted.

These Eagles aren't done yet but the desperation needs to come back.

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