Unhappy Hawks under new ownership
Unhappy Hawks under new ownership

For a while yesterday it looked like Gold Coast might be set to break their 20-game losing streak by upsetting the rather subdued reigning premiers.

Can you imagine the fall out? Perhaps the Suns would have demanded they all be drug tested!

Of course things didn't quite work out.

Guy McKenna's men were gallant, but finally thwarted by a couple of premiership players, Joel Selwood and Paul Chapman.

Selwood is not only a young captain (appointed at age 23) and perhaps the best in the competition, he's also become the dominant player in a star-studded Geelong line-up.

For not the first time this season I watched him find the strength to impose his will on yesterday's contest. Chapman was the man who followed first and longest.

Yet despite the fact there are plenty of them, Selwoods don't grow on trees! That, my friends, is a footy fact Melbourne didn't, and don't seem to, understand.

At the beginning of the season the Demons elected to go with co-captains,
Jack Grimes (22) and Jack Trengove (20), a couple of fresh-faced talents still in danger of calling half-time recess.

From what I saw at the Gabba in Round 14 and again on Saturday at the MCG, it's a move that's hurting both youngsters and the club.

It's never crossed my mind AFL captains don't need to be battle hardened and time tested. Nobody should be able to question their standing.

Look no further than West Coast and Fremantle. Leadership fits Daren Glass and Matthew Pavlich like a finely tailored suit.

The only slack I can cut new coach Mark Neeld is that in recent times Melbourne have had so little empathy for their experienced players virtually none remained.

Adem Yze, Russell Robertson, James McDonald, Cameron Bruce and Brad Miller hardly left the club feeling warm and fuzzy.

But in one of his first moves Neeld agreed to Grimes and Trengove replacing one of the clubs few remaining veterans Brad Green.

It was an unnecessary and dangerous changing of the guard.

Joel Selwood is a rare jewel. Rather like Haydn Bunton Jnr, who as a 19 year-old captain-coach took Norwood to an SAFNL grand final, Selwood has intangibles that are very hard to define.

Gary Ablett may have been running around in a Suns jumper yesterday, but Selwood is fast becoming Geelongs favorite son.

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