Unhappy Hawks under new ownership
Unhappy Hawks under new ownership

The second coming of Michael Voss is certainly looking far better than it did a couple of months ago.

Voss, who turned his back on an assistant coaching role with West Coast in 2009 for the top job with Brisbane, now appears to have his club back on track.

They’ve won four of their last six games, including a nail-biter over those same Eagles.

Voss, who led the Lions to 14 wins in his first season but only 17 since, has finally found a combination he seems confident and comfortable with.

I saw them thrash the Bulldogs in a clinical display last week and while yesterday's win over a depleted Melbourne was more matter-of-fact, Voss’s Lions have become a entertaining side to watch.

Now, I’m not necessarily suggesting that they’ll go marching into September but at least there is some light at the end of the tunnel.

Names like Rich, Rockliff, Redden, Hanley (potentially the second best ever Irish player), Green and Zorko aren’t exactly the collective equal of Voss, Black, Lappin, Akermanis, Power and Hart (not that Simon Black circa 2012 has anything to apologise for.

But they are a young group worth watching.

Just like Fremantle fans can hang their collective hats on a bountiful talent like Matthew Pavlich, so too do Brisbane fans now have reason for turning up.

And I can’t help wondering just where Daniel Rich would sit in the scheme of things if Fremantle had drafted him instead of Stephen Hill.

Not that I’m saying the Dockers made a mistake. On the contrary, I’m on record with my admiration for Hill. It’s just that for Rich it’s almost a case of out of sight, out of mind. Even a hat-trick of AFL premierships doesn’t make Brisbane a football town.

It takes special players to maintain their standards in an outpost when things are tough and right now the former Subi star has hit a rich vein of form.

So far, at least, Daniel's career has exceeded Stephen's. And what might he have achieved had he stayed home?

One thing’s for sure, with Voss and his Lions on a roll the Eagles have less reason to feel quite so bad about that loss in round 10.

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