Unhappy Hawks under new ownership
Unhappy Hawks under new ownership

As I only had the one game to broadcast at the weekend, and that was Friday night, I made a beeline for Lathlain Park, make that Brownes Stadium, on Saturday afternoon to watch West Perth take on the Demons.

Sitting in the stand I felt quite nostalgic. Because if I was to hazard a guess I'd say I 'called' more WAFL games at Lathlain than any other ground.

During my times at the ABC then Channel 7 the Perth footy club, driven firstly by Barry Cable then Robert Wiley, was highly successful. Certainly strong enough to ensure match-of-the-day television status on a regular basis.

And with Cable named an Australian Hall of Fame Legend last Wednesday night Lathlain felt a very natural fit for me.

Perhaps the only regret I had, at arguably the best night on the footy calendar, was the lack of recognition afforded the Demons.

And I suppose the same could be said for another inductee, Victorian Bob Johnson's time at East Fremantle.

Given the importance it attaches to the Hall of Fame I think the AFL may move to be a little more hands on in the future.

So now WA has two legends Graham Farmer and Cable. That seems a nice fit too. The pair deserve to be the one and two seeds in any roll call of this State's finest.

Not that I'm suggesting they're somehow in a class of their own. Only that in their class it doesn't take too long to call the roll!

Fair to say an extended WA pecking order might look like this.

1. Farmer. For those that didn't see him, imagine Nic Naitinui with an instinctive understanding of the game from day one.

2. Cable. Took Farmer's use of handball and improved on it. In full flight was both electrifying and unstoppable.

3. Graham Moss. Perhaps Mossie's only sin, unlike Polly, was he didn't invent some unique aspect of the game. Being great but orthodox is hardly a criticism.

4. Ross Glendinning. For 5 or 6 years he was very close to being the best player in the VFL. At North Melbourne Roscoe's dashes redefined the role of defenders of his era.

5. Bill Walker. Whenever I talk to my good friends from Swans Walker and Cable are always mentioned in the same breath. After last Wednesday that's even more impressive.

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