Unhappy Hawks under new ownership
Unhappy Hawks under new ownership

I was starting to doubt I'd ever see a double figure goal tally in an AFL game again. More fool me!

Out of the blue Jack Riewoldt almost did it on Friday night. Then in Launceston, Buddy Franklin made me doubt myself for ever thinking that way as he terrorised North Melbourne's defence on his way to a lazy 13 Saturday.

Having said that it was a game I wasn't looking forward to.

More particularly it was a trip I wasn't all that keen to take.

But there's something special about a champion goalkicker on the rampage that makes even the most lack-lustre, lopsided game the best thing in footy.

And even though the Kangaroos had long since ceased being competitive, Saturday's crowd were held spellbound either hoping North would score quickly if they attacked or better still hoping they wouldn't attack at all and that Buddy would be in the next contest.

One problem. I hope I remember this game better than I do the previous games in which a guy ran amok on a goalkicking bender.

Leaving the ground I was wracking my brain trying to remember the biggest haul I'd ever witnessed in person.

Finally I decided Scotty Cummings' 14 at the WACA against Adelaide remains the clubhouse leader.

As a youngster I can remember watching Bob Johnson kick 13 against East Perth. Then Peter Sumich kick 12 against Essendon at the MCG and Tony Lockett snag 11 on Brisbane's Richard Champion.

These remain unforgettable days until you forget them!

It takes a day like Saturday to provide the inspiration to remember.

It's great to know such days still exist.

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