Unhappy Hawks under new ownership
Unhappy Hawks under new ownership

During the past week I wrote a column in The West suggesting the footy folk of Adelaide had rediscovered their love of the Crows and were in the process of installing coach Brenton Sanderson as the city's new resident genius.

That plan is now on hold!

Well, half of it least.

The love affair is still ongoing but at least for this week Nathan Buckley is footy's latest messiah.

Collingwood's most decorated player is making a remarkable transition to coach. If further proof were needed Saturday nights win at AAMI Stadium delivered in spades.

Despite a rash of injuries we saw the Magpies produce all the best traits of the Malthouse era to outlast and out-slug arguably the hottest team in the country on the road.

Sure, he had big boots to fill but if nothing else Buckley seems extremely comfortable in those boots and his own skin.

Last seasons runners-up have now jumped into the top 4 on the back of a six-game winning streak.

Pre-season I suggested Collingwood might be the team to beat, so did Michael Malthouse.

Fair to say some people questioned Mick's motives.

Certainly his thoughts were well publicized. Suggesting a second placed finish might have been more diplomatic but that isn't the Malthouse way.

For it's part Eddie McGuire's coaching succession plan is maturing nicely and while it will be impossible for Buckley's first season to exceed the previous coaches expectations living up to them is looking rosier every week.

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