OPINION - Schoolkids’ mountain terror at 900ft: Tech and Science Daily podcast


Footage has emerged of a chairlift dangling 900ft above a ravine in northern Pakistan - with six children and two teachers trapped inside after a cable snapped as they travelled to school.

Rescuers winched down from military helicopters in a dramatic mid-air bid to rescue the group, who include children aged 10 to 16 and as Tech & Science Daily podcast went live had spent over 10 hours hanging precariously.

Officials say the rescue in a mountainous area around Battagram was hampered by strong winds and the risk of helicopter rotor blades snapping the remaining cable.

Three Scottish companies doing cool things with satellites to monitor environmental risks and help tackle climate change have won funding from the UK Space Agency.

In total £530,000 will be invested in ten projects - it’s the second tranche of investment by the UK Space Agency directly into climate services development.

The iPhone 15’s just weeks away from being officially released and the latest rumours are all about its charging cable.

According to MacRumours, the peripherals will be colour-matched to the device and come included in the box.

Plus, osteoarthritis timebomb, ‘electrolyzer’ converts CO2 into propane, keep fit to fight stroke, Microsoft’s Activision Blizzard takeover latest, win fried chicken in VR and voice of Super Mario hangs up overalls.

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