OPINION - How BT Business CEO Bas Burger’s preparing for the next tech revolution: How to be a CEO podcast

BT Business CEO Bas Burger (BT)
BT Business CEO Bas Burger (BT)

When BT Business was officially launched in April this year, Bas Burger was the man entrusted to take the reigns. He’s in charge of 24,000 people, and a multi-billion pound strategy to make the UK’s broadband infrastructure fit for the future.

In this episode we talk about:

· Why BT Business had to be created and why he wanted the top job

· Why a CEO should “ask questions and not give answers for as long as you can”

· The challenges it faces to make the UK prepared for the AI revolution

· Why every company’s a digital company and what that means for technology demand

· How Canadian ice hockey legend Wayne Gretsky’s influenced his strategy

· The importance of knowing “what’s not going to happen” in the future

· Why the UK’s “arguably” fallen behind Europe in digital communication

· How he was first made a CEO at the age of 31, and how fast he had to learn

· Why as a student he spent all his money on a plane trip from the Netherlands to the UK to get his first ever job

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