OpenAI says new ChatGPT Enterprise AI chatbot is its ‘most powerful’ yet

ChatGPT Enterprise can perform advanced data analysis and scan longer files and prompts (PA) (PA Wire)
ChatGPT Enterprise can perform advanced data analysis and scan longer files and prompts (PA) (PA Wire)

After Apple and Samsung banned employees from using ChatGPT, OpenAI has released a new edition of the AI chatbot that it says is safe for work.

Not only will the bot not pry on your data, but it will also respond “two times faster” than the most powerful version of ChatGPT, known as GPT-4, the company announced on Monday.

To give you a sense of how much time it could save you, one of the companies already using the new bot told OpenAI that it slashed research time by an hour per day.

The new “ChatGPT Enterprise” version is fine-tuned for the office. Alongside the added privacy and speedier response times, there are no caps on usage and the bot can analyse longer files and prompts.

In fact, it comes with a neat perk called “code interpreter” that can perform a range of useful tasks, including turning images into video and data into charts.

Although some of these tools are already available to individual subscribers, the work edition of the bot is broadly aimed at allaying fears that the AI could leak corporate secrets.

A wave of companies have already banned ChatGPT over concerns that confidential info entered into the bot will be exposed or collected. They include Amazon, JP Morgan, Deutsche Bank, Accenture, along with the aforementioned tech giants Apple and Samsung.

Their anxieties may be justified. By default, OpenAI stores all conversations that you have with its bot. These interactions are used to train the company’s AI systems and to inspect whether users are following its guidelines.

Even if you turn off your chat history, OpenAI will hold on to your conversations for 30 days in order to review them for abuse before deleting them for good.

The company’s approach to data handling has previously landed it in hot water with regulators in Italy and Japan.

So how much can you expect to shell out for ChatGPT Enterprise. Well, that depends on the size of your business. For now, OpenAI is aiming the tool at larger companies including Fortune 500 giants. It’s asking interested customers to get in touch with its sales team to hammer out the price, which will likely depend on how many people in an organisation need access to the tool.

But if other work-oriented AI tools are anything to go by, the new service won’t come cheap. Earlier this year, OpenAI investor Microsoft revealed that it would charge $30 per user per month for access to its AI-powered Office apps.