OnlyFans star proves eye-watering income after being accused of 'lying'

"Living the dream!"

OnlyFans star Annie Knight, AKA 'Australia's most sexually active woman', has shared the eye-watering amount she earns on the platform, leaving her followers stunned.

The 26-year-old, who used to work in marketing, is one of the top OnlyFans creators in the world and revealed she is earning around $150,000 a month, with subscribers paying $14.99 a month for her content.

OnlyFans star Annie Knight
OnlyFans star Annie Knight, AKA 'Australia's most sexually active woman' has revealed her huge income, leaving her followers stunned. Photo: TikTok/annieknight78

However, some followers accused Annie of 'lying' about the huge amount, leading to the content creator sharing a screenshot of her earnings between September 19 and October 19.

"I had a feeling I'd get some haters saying that I'm lying, so here's a screenshot of the last 30 days, this is from the 19th of September to the 19th of October, I’ve made $104,000 USD," she shared in a TikTok video. "That’s about $160,000 AUD in the past 30 days.

"I expect that to go up once we get the full month of October... I expect that to be around $134,000 USD, which is about $200,000 AUD. Which is exactly what I said. So, am I lying? No."


TikTok users slammed the creator for "bragging", with one user writing, "2-3yrs of ‘success’ for lifetime of wasteful pride, dignity and integrity."

"Money isn't everything, but dignity is," another added.

"People don't care," a third said. "You can't buy dignity or respect. So do as you please."

Others were more supportive, with one user saying, "That is a lot of money good for you."

"Living the dream!" another said.

"I just wanted to say congrats on making this amount of money," a third added. "I wish I could do the same...kudos to you."

One user asked what she does with all the money she earns, with Annie replying, "Buy property."

Annie recently revealed that she was fired from a job on her fifth day in the role after her adult content was exposed.

"I got fired from one of my jobs. I’d just started a new role, I was on day five, and actually went home sick that day," she told SBS Insight. "I received an email saying ‘termination of contract'."


She shared that she was "shocked" to see the email and "didn't know what was going on", until she saw screenshots of her content.

"There was a list of three reasons why I was fired basically," she said. "They said I falsely advised that I had a side business, didn’t ask for permission from the company to run the side business and that I had online pornographic images of myself and crude language that was against company rules."

Annie has previously described herself as "the most sexually active woman in the world" after revealing she has slept with 300 men and women in a single year.

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