OnlyFans star Kayla Jade East disowned after family member leaked X-rated content

The creator found out a family member screenshot her nudes and distributed them in a family group chat.

One of Australia's most successful OnlyFans stars, who profited $1 million in her first year on the platform, has said she's been disowned by several family members after a family member shared screenshots of her subscriber-only content in a family group chat.

Kayla Jade East, 29, found out a rogue family member had passed on her nudes after receiving a message from another close family member about the leak.

"I was absolutely devastated. He could have just told them, but instead he sent them my nudes. Which is literally illegal,” Kayla shared in a now-deleted TikTok.

“I received a message from a close family member telling me that someone in my family subscribed to my page, screenshot all of my content and sent it to the family group chat."

OnlyFans star Kayla Jade East
OnlyFans star Kayla Jade East has made $1 million from the platform. Photo:

Kayla then said that even when confronted, the person didn't own up to his actions.

“It’s just so violating to have someone you trust do that to you and even when I confronted him he didn’t face up to his actions.”


'Completely disowned'

Now two years into her OnlyFans journey, Kayla said she knew her line of work would come out eventually to her friends and family, but "you would have to be nosy to find it".

"As time went on and I got bigger, friends started seeing my stuff and eventually my family saw it. But it wasn’t easy for them to do so. You would have had to be nosy to find it," Kayla, who boasts nearly 200k Instagram followers and over 100k TikTok followers, said.

"You’d have to click into a few links and navigate through different pages to find it.”

She then said she got a message from a relative completely disowning her.

“I got a message from a family member one day just completely disowning me, not wanting anything to do with me and I didn’t hear from them for about a year... I was hurt, but if someone can’t take me for who I am and what I do then so be it," she said.

OnlyFans Kayla Jade East
OnlyFans Kayla Jade East was disowned by family members after one of them leaked her nudes in a family group chat. Photo: kaylajadeeast_

'No respect'

Kayla went on to say that while she's come to peace with her family's decision, being disowned from family and friends is something that affects many sex workers.


“The way people treat sex workers in this world is disgusting. You’d think that if they were concerned for the person they’d try to get them help rather than trying to ruin their lives, but a lot of sex workers I talk to have been saying this same story again and again," she said.

“[They have] no respect for privacy whatsoever, we're just here earning and living, the last thing we need is people investigating our life.”

Kayla is now celebrating her $1 million earnings, with her success being the best revenge for her family who told her 'porn would never get her anywhere'.

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