OnlyFans model files $6.3bn revenge porn lawsuit against ex-boyfriend after he posted graphic images following split

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OnlyFans model files $6.3bn revenge porn lawsuit against ex-boyfriend after he posted graphic images following split

OnlyFans model Mikayla Saravia is suing her ex-boyfriend for more than $6bn, accusing him of taking control of her social media accounts and posting explicit images and videos following their 2022 split.

Ms Saravia, 25, of Cooper City, Florida has filed a revenge porn lawsuit against Nicholas Hunter, 27. Their erratic and at times volatile relationship ended in October, according to court documents.

The case was filed in Florida Southern District Court on 13 March. Ms Saravia claims that Mr Hunter changed the login details on her Twitter and OnlyFans accounts and started publishing images and footage without her approval.

Ms Saravia has two OnlyFans accounts – one free and another costing subscribers $30 a month and is labelled as being more “explicit”. Mr Hunter stands accused of hijacking the second account.

Attorney Joseph DiRuzzo represents Ms Saravia in the case. He wrote in the complaint that the couple were both in a “romantic” and in a “business” relationship.

Mikayla Saravia is suing her ex-boyfriend for posting revenge porn (Screenshots / TikTok / itsmikaylasaravia)
Mikayla Saravia is suing her ex-boyfriend for posting revenge porn (Screenshots / TikTok / itsmikaylasaravia)

During the relationship, Mr Hunter had “access to images, including sexually explicit” ones, he wrote.

In the lawsuit, Mr Hunter is also accused of “assaulting” Ms Saravia after they experienced “personal relationship difficulties”.

Ms Saravia previously brought a “petition for injunction for protection against domestic violence,” Mr DiRuzzo noted.

“As a result of the deterioration of the Parties’ relationship the Defendant changed the password to, and effectively locked the Plaintiff out of, her Twitter and one of the two Only Fans,” the lawsuit states.

“On or about January 28, 2023, the Defendant used the Plaintiff’s Twitter account to send a sexually explicit image of the Plaintiff to Plaintiff’s 628,700 Twitter followers in order to sexually cyberharass the Plaintiff,” the attorney claims in the complaint.

Mr DiRuzzo argues that Mr Hunter used the Twitter account to drive traffic to the OnlyFans account where explicit images were being sold.

The lawyer claims that Mr Hunter posted the images with the intent “to cause substantial emotional distress” to Ms Saravia, as well as for economic gain.

He wrote that the content shared without consent was “based on material he had amassed prior to the severance of their business and personal relationship”.

The abuse is alleged to have been ongoing between October and January when Ms Saravia was able to regain control of her accounts after Mr Hunter allegedly “misappropriated” her phone and laptop.

The lawsuit also states that Mr Hunter took control of Ms Saravia’s Facebook and Instagram accounts, changing not only the passwords but the email addresses associated with the accounts on the various platform.

The legal filing claims that the seizure of her accounts has caused Ms Saravia more than $5,000 in damages.

“Hundreds, perhaps thousands, viewed the sexually explicit images and video of the Plaintiff that the Defendant posted to Only Fans from October 2022 through January 2023 without the consent of the Plaintiff,” Mr DiRuzzo wrote.

Ms Saravia is seeking $6.287bn in damages – $10,000 for each of the Twitter followers she had in October of last year.

“In the alternative,” Ms Saravia “seeks actual damages” to be “determined during discovery,” the lawsuit adds.

Mr DiRuzzo also claims Mr Hunter used Ms Svaraia’s accounts and likeness to “drive trade and commercial user traffic to his own sites and enterprise”.

The lawyer told the South Florida Sun Sentinel that Ms Saravia has posted explicit images in the past but that she was then in control of what was being published.

“Just because you consented to an image in the past, it does not mean you’re giving someone permission to post additional content without your consent,” he told the paper.

Legal filings in the case don’t show if Mr Hunter has retained an attorney to speak on his behalf.

The lawyer representing Mr Hunter in a civil domestic violence case in Broward County, in which the former couple are suing each other, told the Sun Sentinel that he’s not connected to this lawsuit.