Only Fools and Horses star David Jason admits one problem with Del Boy role

david jason as del boy, car sos
Only Fools and Horses star admits Del Boy problemNational Geographic

Only Fools and Horses star Sir David Jason has admitted the pitfalls of playing such an iconic character.

Jason played the role of Del Boy in the hit show for over 20 years, during which time he amassed a huge fan base. However, it's because of this role that his fame has become inescapable, even decades after the show ended.

david jason as del boy, car sos
National Geographic

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"Del Boy is a character that I can't avoid. He's become so ingrained in the public's mind that where I go, I tend to be recognised and then what happens is that people can't help but interfere with your private life," he told The Daily Star.

Despite being asked for photos whenever he leaves the house, Jason acknowledges it all as "part of the job".

"It's part of giving your time and your life to the Great British public, God bless them," he said.

david jason
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Jason has recently been filming a new series with The Repair Shop's Jay Blades. David and Jay's Touring Toolshed will see the pair travel around the UK, learning and admiring new crafts. The actor explained how the production team had to fence off areas during filming to prevent passionate Only Fools and Horses fans from getting in.

"When we got to these places, we have a fenced-off area. We're in a little area of our own so that the public can see us and see what we're up to but can't actually get in and pull at your shirt tails and say, 'give us a selfie'."

Selfie requests aside, Jason shared that he "really enjoyed" working on the new show.

"Working with Sir David Jason, a fellow craft enthusiast, is a dream come true," said co-star Blades.

Only Fools and Horses airs on GOLD.

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