Onions banned from Facebook for being 'too sexy'

In a decision which is sure to raise a few eyebrows, Facebook has apparently banned an onion advertisement for being “overtly sexual”.

The Gaze Seed Company, in Canada, posted on Facebook last week it was trying to advertise walla walla onions.

“So we just got notified by Facebook that the photo used for our Walla Walla Onion seed is ‘Overtly Sexual’ and therefore cannot be advertised to be sold on their platform,” it wrote.

“Can you see it?”

On Facebook people were in a mix of shock and stitches.

An ad for walla walla onions is pictured.
Apparently this advertisement was deemed to be too sexual for Facebook. Source: Gaze Seed Company

“This is hilarious. I somewhat have a vivid imagination and for the life of me all I see are onions. What am I missing?” one woman wrote.

One man joked that the decision brought tears to his eyes.

“I hope you will be a-peeling their judgement,” he wrote.

Jackson McLean, a manager at Gaze Seed Company, told CBC his request to advertise the onions was turned down by Facebook for “breaching guidelines”.

"I guess something about the two round shapes there could be misconstrued as boobs or something, nude in some way,” Mr McLean told CBC.

He added in the past they’ve paid for advertisements but he saw the humour in the rejection and said it was most likely caused by an algorithm.

Meg Sinclair, from Facebook Canada, later confirmed this to CBC and said the algorithm is used to keep nudity off the platform.

The decision was also overturned with Gaze now allowed to advertise its onions.

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