Ongoing shelling complicates evacuation efforts in Kharkiv Oblast

A resident of Vovchansk during evacuation
A resident of Vovchansk during evacuation

The evacuation process in Kharkiv Oblast is experiencing a slowdown, particularly affecting the transportation of bedridden individuals, said Yevhen Ivanov, Deputy Governor of Kharkiv Oblast on May 20.

"The pace of evacuation from these communities is slowing down," Ivanov stated. "Initially, everyone who wanted to leave did so within the first few days. Now, the situation is more difficult because places like Vovchansk and Liptsy are under constant heavy shelling."

Ivanov highlighted the specific issues with evacuating bedridden people, who are unable to care for themselves, underscoring a critical area of concern.

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Efforts to assist remaining residents are ongoing, with units from the State Emergency Service, police, and volunteers actively working to evacuate the approximately 200 individuals still in Vovchansk.

Since the Russian assault began on May 10, around 10,500 people have been evacuated from the communities of Liptseve and Vovchansk, a figure confirmed by Kharkiv Governor Oleh Synehubov.

Russian offensive in Kharkiv Oblast

On May 10, Russian forces attempted to breach Ukraine's defenses near Vovchansk in Kharkiv Oblast, according to the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense. Ukrainian forces successfully repelled the attacks.

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At the same time, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy reported that Russian troops had launched a new counteroffensive in the area.

Monitoring groups noted that several villages in northern Kharkiv had been occupied.

Oleksandr Syrskyi, the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, described the situation in Kharkiv Oblast as "escalating". He stated that Russian troops had extended the active combat zone by 70 km.

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