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What’s the ‘one thing about me’ trend? What Nicki Minaj song is used for it?

The “one thing about me” trend has people oversharing some of their weirdest and wildest stories.

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TikTokers are embracing a bit of cringe to the beat of Nicki Minaj’s current hit “Super Freaky Girl.” It topped Billboard Hot 100, and now it has people rapping some pretty off-the-wall personal anecdotes over an instrumental version of the song. The hilarious trend is taking over FYPs everywhere.

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The way it works is that people usually start with “one thing about me…” before they rap about a long, embarrassing or strange story that makes them unique. There are over 55,000 videos on TikTok that use the song, but here are some of the less chaotic iterations of the meme.

The user @suburbcore has one very interesting thing about her: Her mom is a medium. In her rap, she discussed the time she may have recorded a haunting over some Christmas music.

You’ll want to watch @jcubedhax‘s video to the end for the photographic evidence. Because one thing about her is that as a kid, she had one of the funniest school picture days ever.

TikToker Sierra Anna used the meme format to call out the fatphobic haters. The one thing about her is “she’s going to respond to hate comments.”

“One thing about me, I’m the saddest alive,” @awkwardmarina rapped in a parody video where she spoke with levity about her mental health issues.

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