One Piece star responds to whether they'll be back for season 2

One Piece star McKinley Belcher III has addressed whether he'll be returning for the second season of the Netflix adaptation.

The actor played fish-man Arlong in the live-action series, which will release its second season in 2025. Speaking exclusively with Digital Spy, he shared that he would like to return to the show.

"Yes, I would like to be involved. I had a really good time shooting that first season and because of the lore, there's more stories to tell whenever they get to Fish-Man Island," he said, referencing the manga series.

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"So I am in contact with the showrunner and assuming the show has a life, hopefully I will have a life with it."

Taz Skylar, who played Sanji in the series, recently told Digital Spy that the cast were ready to get back into production.

"I love the way that they're adapting it, I love what they're doing with each one of our characters," Skylar said. "We all as a cast, as a team, as a crew, we are so excited to get back together, because the first time was such a great experience and we made so many great friends.

"And we love South Africa, so we all can't wait to go back there this year and hopefully knock it out of the park again."

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Meanwhile, Belcher recently starred alongside Benedict Cumberbatch in crime drama Eric, which is set in 1980s New York.

Playing the role of Detective Michael Ledroit, Belcher told Digital Spy about the "weight on Ledroit's shoulders" as a "Black and queer man" in the "middle of the AIDS epidemic".

"There's a lot of compression that's happening in terms of how he's managing all the things that he must do. It's really exciting to show him wrestling with that, with the NYPD and the remnants of institutionalised racism, and watch him navigate how he can be the change," said Belcher.

The live-action One Piece is available to stream now on Netflix. while the anime can be streamed on Crunchyroll. Eric is now available to stream on Netflix.

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