One-on-one better than megaphone: Gay


Federal colleagues should be like Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce and pick up the phone rather than publicly criticise the state government's greyhound racing ban, senior NSW Nationals minister Duncan Gay says.

News Corp Australia reported on Wednesday that Mr Joyce had a "long conversation" with his NSW counterpart, Deputy Premier Troy Grant, in which he argued against a ban on the sport.

It's not the first time Mr Joyce has spoken out against the Baird government's decision to shut down the industry.

Addressing reporters in Sydney, Mr Gay described the nation's second-in-charge as "a colourful bloke".

"Look if I have an issue with someone, I get on the phone and I tell them," Mr Gay said on Wednesday.

"I've had robust conversations with Barnaby and with a lot of his colleagues and sometimes with my own colleagues.

"Call me old-fashioned but I reckon one-on-one is a better way of doing it rather than a megaphone."

The state government has tasked the Greyhounds Transition Taskforce Co-ordinator-General, John Keniry, with shaping an assistance package to support breeders and others affected by the ban.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has refused to be drawn into the debate, telling reporters this week: "I'll leave that to the state government and I won't trespass on their responsibilities on that matter at all."