One in three Aussie homes has asbestos

Darren Cartwright
One in three Aussie homes has asbestos

Home renovators need to be aware that one-in-three homes in Australia has asbestos, says Queensland Industrial Relations Minister Grace Grace.

It's an alarming figure and do-it-yourself home owners need to be extremely careful before any renovation.

Asbestos can be found in walls, under eaves, in weatherboard or imitation brick cladding, inside chimney flues, under floor tiles and vinyl flooring as well as within the insulation of wooden heaters.

"It is a high figure but undisturbed there is no danger," Ms Grace said.

"Unfortunately all those years asbestos was coming into the country it ended up in a lot of our homes. One-in-three homes ... basically have some form of asbestos in them."

While some people may baulk at the cost of an asbestos inspection or even having it professionally removed, Ms Grace said the greater cost was losing your life years down the track.

"It's what you don't see that is more the issue ... no one is really sure until its tested," she said.