Who are the oldest and youngest US presidents, and how old will Joe Biden be if he wins in 2024?

Who are the oldest and youngest US presidents, and how old will Joe Biden be if he wins in 2024?

Concerns have been raised over whether Joe Biden should continue with his 2024 White House re-election bid.

Previously, the US President had urged Americans to allow him to “finish the job he started” and is up against former US leader Donald Trump in a rerun of the 2020 race.

But concerns have surfaced in recent weeks over whether Mr Biden is too old to be reinstated as president, with many expressing concerns while he has been on the campaign trail, especially after his disastrous debate with Trump.

George Clooney is the latest high-profile person to call on Mr Biden to drop his bid for re-election amid concerns over his age. 

The actor, a major Hollywood fundraiser for the Democrats, said Mr Biden was not the same person who won the White House in 2020 and should make room for another candidate.

Clooney co-hosted a star-studded fundraiser in downtown Los Angeles three weeks before the most recent debate.

Writing in the New York Times, Clooney said that the “Joe Biden I was with at the fundraiser was not the Joe 'b F-ing deal' Biden of 2010.

"He wasn’t even the Joe Biden of 2020. He was the same man we all witnessed at the debate."

"Was he tired? Yes. A cold? Maybe. But our party leaders need to stop telling us that 51 million people didn’t see what we just saw," Clooney added.

The actor, who described himself as a lifelong Democrat, wrote in the New York Times: “We are not going to win in November with this president. On top of that, we won’t win the House, and we’re going to lose the Senate.

“This isn’t only my opinion; this is the opinion of every senator and congress member and governor that I’ve spoken with in private," he wrote.

“Every single one, irrespective of what he or she is saying publicly.”

Mr Biden has also  defied calls to step aside from other Democrat colleagues.

He dismissed the debate on June 27 as a “bad night” and insisted he is the only person who can beat Trump at the presidential election in November.

Mr Biden has since called for an “end” to speculation over whether he would step down as the Democrat nominee.

The current political leader of the Democrats announced on Twitter in April that he would be re-running in the up-and-coming election next year.

But who are the oldest and youngest presidents to have served the US?

Who was the oldest-serving president?

Joe Biden was 78 years old when he was elected president of the USA in January 2021.

His age had led many to speculate that he may not run again, but this was quashed with his Twitter announcement earlier this year.

The oldest president at the end of his tenure before this was Ronald Reagan, who was 77 when he finished leading the country in January 1989, but Mr Biden will take that title when his tenure ends.

Who was the youngest-serving president?

John F Kennedy – the 35th president of the United States – was the youngest-serving president to be elected, and also the youngest at the end of his tenure, when he died.

Also a Democrat, JFK served from 1961 until his assassination in 1963 and was inaugurated at the age of just 43.

He died aged 46 when he was assassinated as he rode in a motorcade through Dealey Plaza, in downtown Dallas, Texas.

How old will Joe Biden be if he wins?

Joe Biden has entered the 2024 campaign re-election debate, with many raising concerns about his age.

The 2024 United States general election will be held on November 5, and Donald Trump announced he, too, would be running again for a second, non-consecutive term. If re-elected, Mr Biden would be 81 years old, turning 82 just weeks later, on November 20.

Under previous timescales, presidents are normally inaugurated in January the following year, meaning he will be 82 if re-elected.

Mr Biden would be 86 before the end of a second term.